We live in an age where the public and various stakeholders have an insatiable appetite for information. There has never been a moment in history like today when the public has had more motivation to act on information and to take action – to voice opinions that can be heard by thousands or even millions; to employ the power of social media and other tools to change and shape corporate behavior; to command the attention of policymakers and regulators, among others. Himle Rapp understands these powerful dynamics and can help guide your company or organization.

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Himle Rapp & Company is more than a traditional PR firm. Let us tell you more.

Since 1982, Himle Rapp has been invited to the decision table to help companies and other organizations think through the implications of important questions and help shape critical decisions. Clients seek our innovative strategic approach to develop and implement plans that make a difference.

Our core competencies include:

  • Analyzing and interpreting the environment that impacts your organization

  • Delivering dispassionate advice and strategy

  • Building and protecting reputations

  • Preventing and managing adverse events

  • Navigating government policy-making and regulation

  • Creating communication that not only informs, but engages and motivates audiences