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Commencement Speeches: Not Just For Graduates

Post by Linda Thrasher, Himle Rapp's Corporate Practice Leader. You can follow her on Twitter at @lindakthrasher Admittedly, I’m a commencement speech junkie. Come May and I’m scouring the star speaker lineup at the top universities and colleges. President Obama tackled three speeches this spring (Ohio State University, Morehouse College and U.S. Naval Academy), comedian… Read more »

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Understanding Public Opinion

At Himle Rapp, we help our clients develop strategies to reach the end zone. (I can’t resist the football reference during the week of the Vikings stadium design unveiling…) We believe research is the critical first step to developing a strategy to effectively position issues and, in the end, influencing decision makers. Because of this,… Read more »

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You’re Not the First

If you find yourself in the middle of a crisis – a leak of sensitive information, a public incident involving an employee, a protest at your facility – and your panic meter is rising, what kind of reaction would you rather get from your communications team? A: “This is not good. I’ve never dealt with… Read more »

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Passing the BS test

I have a saying about social media that always catches people off guard: “Don’t tweet if you’re full of b.s..” It’s a simple way of saying: social media has a no tolerance policy for fakers and phonies. It’s true with all communications tools, but I would argue that coming up with an authentic and real… Read more »

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