How we’re different

Here are 10 Points of Distinction with respect to Himle Rapp:


1. Success Managing Major Challenges

No other firm in this market has had more experience in achieving successful outcomes with some of the most complicated, controversial and consequential matters than Himle Rapp. Big challenges don’t scare us; we thrive on them.

2. Designing Research that Informs

Bad research is “garbage in/garbage out.” Over the years, we have designed, managed and analyzed hundreds of quantitative and qualitative research projects for clients. Because we provide in-house research expertise, we know how to design research that will more effectively link a client’s strategy, positioning, tactics and messages.

3. Communications Carefully Aligned to Support Goals

A lot of firms and practitioners claim they offer strategic communications, but in reality, their plans are often a menu of disconnected tactics in search of a strategy. Himle Rapp starts first with gaining a clear understanding of a client’s goals and objectives. We then align a strategy to support those goals. This is where we deliver very high value to a business or organization.

4. Passionate Advocate – Dispassionate Advisor

Clients can count on Himle Rapp to be their most passionate advocate and defender when they need it. But our most valued service may be the strategic, “to-the-point” and honest advice that we deliver to clients behind closed doors – even when it’s difficult to hear.

5. Aligning the Talk with the Walk

Effective messaging is a tool, not a solution. Messaging alone cannot “fix” a product, operational or organizational problem. We help our clients understand the difference, work to help fix the underlying problem and then use communications and messaging to move forward.  

6. Strategy Before Tactics

Himle Rapp is intensely focused on figuring out the most effective strategy first; the appropriate tactics will follow. Identifying the right strategy will clarify and guide decisions related to selecting the most effective tactical options and making wise resource allocations.

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It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference. – Tom Brokaw

7. Senior-Level Client Service

Because we limit the size of our firm, Himle Rapp clients receive strategy and counsel from senior staff to lead and guide their work. We align other staff talent to best serve client needs and get the most value for client budgets.

8. Measurement that Matters

News clips, media mentions and event attendance are easy to measure. But alone, they don’t provide an accurate measure of success. We urge clients to measure what matters. As an example, we structure measurements that identify how the issue environment has advanced; how stakeholder/customer relationships have strengthened; how reputations have weathered a crisis; and how crises have been averted.

9. Selective about Client Engagements

We are candid with a potential client if the services requested don’t align with our strengths and capabilities. There are also situations where we don’t agree with their position. When we accept a new engagement, clients can have the assurance we share their objectives and passion.

10.  Our Awards – Satisfied Clients

Many firms in our business build their marketing strategy around winning industry awards. Rather than devoting company resources to preparing submissions for award competitions, we spend our staff time delivering high value service to clients. Our marketing strategy is simple: deliver results and create satisfied clients who refer other clients to Himle Rapp & Company.