Why Himle Rapp?

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either. – Albert Einstein

Do you want to enhance your reputation and mitigate risks? We’ll give you the tools to make change from within and prevent exposure.

Do you need to hear the truth from your external counselors? We’ll tell it to you, so you can make better decisions.

Do you want to understand your stakeholders and your customers better? We’ll help you understand the communications ecosystem of the 21st century and deliver better communications.

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: we aren’t a traditional public relations firm.

Trust, accountability and a strong reputation for achieving results. These are critical to our clients and imbedded into the service culture of Himle Rapp.

We’ll help you shape decisions. It’s why our past clients will tell you that we impact outcomes.


  • We are regularly brought “to the table” early in the process to help shape major decisions by companies or organizations
  • We always provide dispassionate advice & counsel – even if it means what you need to hear is not what we think you want to hear
  • The instincts and insights of our team have been developed through years of being tested on the “firing line”
  • We have extensive in-house research expertise that informs strategy and key decisions
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  • No firm in this region has been involved in successfully advancing more complex and controversial initiatives and issues than Himle Rapp
  • We believe in determining a strategy before choosing tactics – this approach helps guide and clarify tactical choices and the best use of resources to achieve the best possible outcome
  • We bring an intense focus to understanding client objectives and aligning strategy and tactics to support attainment of those objectives
  • The best way to manage risk is to prevent it – we’ll help guide you to prevent it. If the risk can’t be avoided  – we’ll effectively help you prepare for those risks that can’t fully be mitigated
  • Our most important metrics are satisfied clients. We believe in measurement based on outcomes and results; not hours worked
  • We bring together diverse segments of an organization or business to unite around a common purpose when shaping public messages or managing reputations
  • We engage allies — both traditional and newly-discovered friends — around common goals and work plans to achieve the best outcome

Are you ready to change the way you’ve been thinking about public relations? Himle Rapp provides a menu of high-value communications, public affairs, crisis management and corporate affairs/reputation services.